What You Did Not Know About Stag Parties

A stag party is a party held for a man just before he marries. It’s a boys’ night out, usually involving a lot of activities to help the groom feel relaxed and ready for his wedding ceremony. Depending on what the groom’s close friends have planned, the party can be held during the day, at night, or a weekend. No groom can escape the stag celebrations, whether it is a weekend or a single night. Few grooms would want to run from such parties if given a chance.

Modern-day stag parties are usually made of merrymaking activities and likened with busy weekends involving a wide variety of activities like quad biking and bar-crawling. But do these men enjoy these ritualistic activities?

A current study has suggested that not all the ritualistic activities that involve deviance, extreme shaming, and humiliation makes the husbands-to-be men feel comfortable. Further studies have shown that most men usually succumb to the peer pressure of the company that they are around during the stag parties. They are made to indulge in some activities that make them feel scared and degraded. How can these parties be done better to make the men have fun but still maintain their self-esteem?

Some companies specialise in giving and organising stag party ideas. Depending on where you would want the party to be held and your party preferences, these companies pride themselves in offering quality and satisfactory planning activities to make the stag party memorable and colourful. Usually, such companies rely on the best man to help come up with the best ideas. They do this to relieve the groom from the tasks being involved in the parties. The companies can make it a surprise party for the groom. Other companies however, prefer to organise the party professionally, all by themselves.

October 2021